Natural Preventive of Cancer & Health.

Dr. Versteeg founded his  Institute for natural preventative healthcare more than 60 years years ago.  Two concepts were responsible for the shaping of its existence.  In particular the developmengt of the S.I.S-therapy and it’s preventive use to combat and prevent cancer alongside other chronic disorders that attack and destroy the body.

The objective of the Dr.Versteeg Institute is, in the first instance, to work with you to restore you to good health, in the event disease has already been detected, using the SIS-therapy, thereby returning you to  better health as soon as possible by strengthening the body’s natural defence system so that the body uses its own immune system and promotes it’s own self-healing cazpacity in the most natural way possible.  In return the SIS-therapy will bring you the method that will prevent illness and disease in the futuure.  In other words the SIS-therapy will restore your body AND keep you healthy.


Our main aim is to help the body focus on uasing its own restoration processes wherever possible and to do so the way nature intended it.
Although we do not diagose illness and disease here at the private foundation/organisation Dr. Versteeg Institute, we do work together with the European Medical Advisory Committee (MAC).  Our focus is on combating disease naturally.  Therefore we work alongside Doctors, Physicians and Specialists in a way that supports the medical profession and any treatment that might be prescribed by them.The SIS-therapy is not meant to be an alternative treatment but is meant to flawlessly merge with other prescribed therapies including and especially, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The SIS-therapy can be used in  prevention of the following ailments in both men, woman and children:

  • child welfare
  • gastrointestinal
  • body condition (weight control,    anti-aging)
  • skin and skin disorders (pimpels, wrinkles, itching, allergies, etc.)
  • sports performance
  • intimate care
  • fatigue (prevention) 
  • chronic fatigue
  • eye care
  • lung disorders
  • cardiovascular disease
  • fibromyalgia
  • fybriosi
  • female diseases in general
  • age disorders
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • infections
  • depression
  • rheumatism
  • allergies
  • toxic overload
  • mucosal disorders
  • stress diseases 


Services and cooperation to the benefit of your health

The SIS-therapy is not a magic formula .  It is up to you to take full responsibility for your own health and to follow the advice of your Doctor/Specialist, have your health monitored by them; leave out the alcohol. It is destructive to your health and to your recovery; watch what you eat ; take light exercise daily; (walking is very good for you); take our advice seriously and put it into practice. Do this on a daily basis because these are the keys to recovery and enourmous success in using the SIS-therapy and using it alongside other forms of support that will give and maintain long-term good health.
Alongside this, our support is always entirely FREE. We are always available to answer your many questions and give personal guidance wherever needed.